50 Years

Manual Four Point Resistivity Probing Equipment



Four point probe mounting stand for wafers up to 4" diameter, with microswitch to engage power. Includes four inch diameter Isolation Test disk.

Also available in 6" and 8" versions

Four Point Probe Heads:

SP4 Four Point Probe Head

Signatone manufactures four point heads for resistivity measurement applications. The SP4 Four Point Probe Head is made from mold-injected Delrin and is designed for use at room temperatures.

The HT4 model is machined from Macor, a ceramic like material, and will withstand temperatures up to 400°C. The two heads are available with a variety of probe tip spacings, spring pressures, materials and tip diameters. The four tips are in a straight line configuration, however, square pattern probe heads are available on special order.

LucasSignatone Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Gilroy, CA