50 Years


The WaveLink-OE addresses the unique set of challenges that cannot be addressed by a standard chuck and platen probe station arrangement. A standard 1” x 1” optical breadboard pattern is available on the system base and/or platen. This gives you the flexibility to incorporate whatever sub-systems you need for your specific tasks.

The 2” of vertical platen travel (with lock), which can be offset even further as needed, supports a wide range of mounting and positioning mechanics. Several bolt-down chuck options can also be incorporated, depending on your automation needs. If you can conceive of it, the WaveLink-OE can give you a platform to implement it.

Backside Probing System

  • Backside and Frontside probing
  • Up to 5 probes or an optional probe card may make contact with a downward facing sample while photon (light) emissions are detected through the back on the complete test area
  • Works with FPD’s and devices from 13mm
    to 200mm
  • Independent motion control for the device
    stage, probes and microscope stage, manual or motorized controls available
  • Manual probe station resolution: 1 micron
  • CM300B & 400B motorized X-Y-Z resolution: 0.005 micron
  • Integration with most Emission Detection Microscopes including but not limited to: Semicaps, QFI, Alpha Innotech
  • Backside and Top side visibility for set-up and alignment

LucasSignatone Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Gilroy, CA