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Blue Cable Kit (I-V / C-V Measurements)

Signatone and Keithley Instruments have combined efforts to create this multi-measurement prober cable kit that provides a collection of matched connection accessories. When properly installed, these accessories have the perform current-voltage (I-V), capacitance-voltage (C-V), and pulse I-V parametric characterization measurements to be made using a single prober / cable setup. The components of this kit provides for a Signatone WaveLink series probe station and your choice of one of Signatone’s micropositioners.

With Signatone’s proprietary local enclosure technology mounted on our versatile WaveLink series probe stations combined with the Keithley 4210-SMU and our “BLUE CABLE KIT” I-V / C-V measurements have never been easier.

Signatone probe stations with a local enclosure are available in e-manual, motorized and semi-automatic models.

Signatone WaveLink series probers provide easy to use at-temperature probing capability. With the blue cable kit, the combined setup enables user to make accurate IV, CV, and pulse IV measurements at various temperatures without re-cabling, or disturbing the setup. Extracting the device parameters you need at the temperature you want has never been this easy. To learn more about how Signatone probers and the high performance cable kit can help you with your device measurements needs, please contact your local Signatone sales representative today.

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