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Stable Temperature Hot / Cold Fluid Chuck System

Stable Temperature Fluid Chuck

Wafer Chucks are available in
either 6" or 8" diameter
  • Temperature range of -15°C to +70°C
  • 0.1°C resolution
  • CFC-free refrigeration system
  • Manual or automatic control
  • Digital controller with proportional control
  • RS-232 interface
  • Ideal for liquid crystal hot spot detection use

Signatone’s Stable Temperature Fluid Chuck Systems are ideal for temperature tests that require precise stablilty and high resolution control in the range of -15°C to +70°C. The systems includes a gold plated wafer chuck and a self contained heater/chiller system that cycles temperature conditioned water through the wafer chuck. Chucks are available in 6” and 8” diameters.

Signatone Probe Stations
Signatone offers a wide array of Probe Stations that can accept the Stable Temperature Hot / Cold Fluid Chuck Systems.
Signatone Probe Stations

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