A-Zoom 2 Analytical Probing Microscopes

A-Zoom 2 Microscope

A-Zoom 2 Microscope

A-Zoom 2 Microscope represents the next generation of analytical microscopes for inspection, development, testing and analysis in the micro-electronics, telecommunications and high-tech arenas.

The new A-Zoom 2 Microscope far surpasses its A-Zoom predecessor, delivering significantly improved optical performance and greater reliability. Dramatic gains in field-of-view, low-end magnification, optical zoom ratio, and numerical aperture, combine to provide a more powerful and effective optical system for on-wafer quality control and analysis.

With precision zoom optics and a unique single-objective design, the A-Zoom 2 Microscope eliminates disruptive and time-consuming manipulation of multiple objectives on a single nosepiece, while also providing an extended and continuous magnification range.

A-Zoom 2 Microscope ... Improved parfocality and parcentricity refined engineering, ergonomic design, and a wide array of accessories and option... Truly a precision analytical instrument and a throughput workhorse.

A-Zoom 2 Features:

LucasSignatone Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Gilroy, CA