50 Years

Seiwa PS-888

This Seiwa PS-888 high magnification microscope is ideal for use in semiconductor applications such as micro-probing and laser cutting.  A wide range of options are available such as high resolution LWD objectives with green, UV and IR laser compatibility, polarizing filter, and differential interference contrast (DIC) filter.  Objective parfocality and parcentering capability is included.

Aphochromat and Infinity Super Long Working Distance Objective Lenses enable visible wavelength through IR wavelength application. These objectives have a long working distance of 15mm at 100X. This feature enables the user to fire a YAG laser (green) through the objective, or use an IR Camera or IR band path filter to see through the semiconductor material without switching to a specially designed NR objective lens.

PS-888 Features:

  • Ideal for probe stations in the semiconductor and LCD assembly status
  • Provides high resolution at high magnification and its compact shape delivers good performance and stability when integrated to the instrument.
  • Options such as observation for Bright Field, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) and polarized filters are provided to this microscope unit to ensure high quality.
  • This microscope is designed for long working distance with large N.A.
LucasSignatone Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Gilroy, CA