50 Years

Motic PSM-1000 Microscope

Motic all-in-one PSM-1000 ProbeScope easily meets the optical demands for a broad range of techniques.

Innovative ergonomic design, leading edge optical systems and a host of unique advanced features make this Motic metallurgical / industrial instrument ideally suited to the needs of manufacturing and research & development in the fields of metallurgy, semiconductors and electronics.

PSM-100 Features:

  • The PSM-1000 Microscope provides a 3-lens turret with 1X, NIR tube lens, 1X/NUV tube lens, and 2X, visible. These lens cover wavelengths from 355nm to 1064nm and are designed around the New Wave Research Lasers. A laser safety pin is provided. Laser Safety filter to be provided by the laser manufacturer.
  • The beam-splitter can be easily moved out of the field of view to enhance laser performance.
  • The focus block can be rotated for better positioning and is rated for a 100lb load.
  • The trinocular head can be easily removed by loosening one thumbscrew.
  • Quadruple, forward facing nosepiece is spring loaded and, with adjustments located on the side, the turret can be easily adjusted for parcentration (tools included). The turret is placed on a dovetail mount for easy access and removal. The turret comes with colored stickers to indicate the position of objectives.
  • Coaxial coarse / fine focus knob. Fine: 0.1mm / rotation with scale both sides.
  • The body incorporates polarizing filter slots for easy adaptation.
  • The diopter setting can be conveniently changed with one hand as the Widefield High Eyepoint eyepieces WF10X / 24mm are set into a slot.
  • Fixed 50/50 or Switchable 0/100 for laser operation.
  • The aperture diaphragm adjustment is easily made using the adjustment ring located on the right side of the body.
  • The PSM-1000 Microscope is designed for Long Working Distance objectives. Motic Instruments has designed a set of high quality objectives for the PSM-1000 ProbeScope with the following magnifications
LucasSignatone Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Gilroy, CA