50 Years

CheckMate Probe Stations
CM210 / CM220 / CM230

The CM210 has manual control of both wafer and microscope stages and is pre-wired for easy in-the-field upgrade to motorized control. The CM220 has joystick controlled motorized movement of both the microscope and wafer stage. The CM230 has a joystick unit with precision dials to control both the microscope and wafer stages.

The Signatone CheckMate is an ultra-stable 200mm / 300mm analytical probe station with coarse and fine wafer stage movement to provide fast wafer movement as well as submicron resolution. The CheckMate series of analytical probe stations reflects a very simple philosophy of design – make it strong, make it stable, make it accurate and above all, make it easy to use.

Coarse Joystick & Manual Control

Option 200 adds motorized axes with proportional joystick control, along with convenient stage and microscope transport selection and remote chuck up/down control.

Precision Joystick Control

Put velvety-smooth 17 axis control in the palm of your hand with the ThumbDrive joystick. Sub-micron control has never been so easy, or precise. An FA " must have".

LucasSignatone Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Gilroy, CA