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CM240 CheckMate Probe Stations

CM240 CheckMate Probe Station

The CM240 uses a PC and has programmable capability for the microscope and up to four CAP Probes (Computer Aided Probes) using the Signatone Solutions Windows based Software. The CM250 Probe Station is semi-automatic with “step and repeat” programmability along with many other functions and accessories that offer the user an ergo-perfect work station.

The Signatone CheckMate is an ultra-stable 200mm / 300mm analytical probe station with coarse and fine wafer stage movement to provide fast wafer movement as well as submicron resolution. The CheckMate series of analytical probe stations reflects a very simple philosophy of design – make it strong, make it stable, make it accurate and above all, make it easy to use.  

LucasSignatone Corporation, Manufacturers & Producers, Gilroy, CA