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Signatone's FP100 Flying Probe

FP100 Flying Probe System
  • Range X-Y: 100mm
  • Range Z: 12mm
  • Encoder Resolution: 0.5μ
  • Minimum Step Size: 2.5μ
  • Repeatability X-Y-Z: ±1.5μ
  • Accuracy X-Y-Z: ±4μ
  • Maximum Speed: 1mm X-Y step with 250μ Z: 350mS*
  • Maximum Speed: 10mm X-Y step with 250μ Z: 490mS*
    * in auto-step mode

FP100 Flying Probe

The FP100 is used for many applications that require a fast and accurate probe. Designed for two point testing applications on packaged devices, PC boards or wafers often requires fast movement between probe contacts to complete the overall test in a reasonable amount of time. ESD two point tests, open/short test and continuity test all have short term test times between two points. However, these tests often have a large number of contacts that all need to be verified. The FP-100 accommodates these requirements.

The FP-100 has an X-Y range of 100mm which accommodates individual die on a wafer, most packaged circuits and many PC boards. The 12mm Z range allows probing of various topography as found on PC boards loaded with chips and devices. The FP-100s bolt onto the probe station to assure stability and are driven by linear precision motors with 0.5μ resolution.

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