50 Years

Comprehensive Solution for High Power Characterization

Signatone PowerPro supports on-state, off-state, and current collapse characterization of on-wafer power devices up to 3kV triax / 10kV coax, and 400A pulsed / 10A DC.

PowerPro Solutions

We included leading edge technologies wherever possible while creating solutions to meet the challenges of characterizing high power devices at wafer level.

Probes over wafer

PowerPro Basic

Probes on circuit

Signatone’s proprietary high voltage probe (HVP) and high current probe (HCP) were designed to meet the challenges of power device characterization at wafer level. Whether it’s 3kV trixial, 10kV coaxial, or pulsed current up to 100A, we have the right solutions to meet your needs. Our chuck technology is equally impressive in its ability to meet the electrical and physical requirements for probing power device wafers at ambient or thermal conditions. VersaPath switching mechanism facilitates the convenience of selecting chuck connection status through manual or software control.

Chart showing indicators

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