50 Years


QuadPro Automatic System

Semi-Automatic Resistivity & Thin Film Mapping

The QuadProII automatic test system is designed for measuring sheet resistance, resistivity or thickness on test samples.  It employs the ASTM standards F84 – F89.  With proper use, the QuadProII will accurately map the surface of the test sample.  Since the mid 1950’s, the four point probe method has been accepted as the best method for measuring thin layers of conductive or semi conductive materials.

Purpose and Benefit

Lucas-Signatone has designed and built 4 point probing equipment for measuring the sheet resistivity of semiconductors since 1968.  More recently, the 4 point probe methodology has been applied to a variety of material research applications measuring thin films on a variety of substrates.  The QuadProII is designed to meet the demands of research on wafers, thin films, solar cells and a variety of applications.

Also, the QuadProII is often used to help qualify film deposition processes. Thin film and thick films deposited onto a wafer or substrate may be accurately mapped.  Users then adjust their process tool recipes according to the results.  By mapping another sample or the same sample, a comparative results map and tables assists in dialing in processes.

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