50 Years

Signatone S-1160 .....Keeping it Simple and Inexpensive

A simple probing solution for DC Parametric testing and more.

Signatone's Objectives

  • Provide a simple, ergonomic probing platform that creates successful testing in every lab and for every user
  • Provide high quality equipment that maintains stability and accuracy for many years in the lab
  • Enhance test parameters to pA and fA measurement ranges for less cost
  • Provide user options that create more application flexibility (this saves you money)
  • Provide technical expertise and probing directions for both novice and experienced users
  • Listen to customer needs and configure a probing solution for every request

The S-1160 probe station is used universally to achieve precise measurement results incorporating proven technology for I-V/C-V measurements. The S-1160 is equipped with ergonomically positioned controls and is available with a significant variety of options giving users greater application flexibility.

The S-1160 optimizes user test time and accommodates both stereozoom and high magnification microscopes and CCD camera mounting. At Signatone we know that X-Y-Z accuracy is the name of the game, whether you are moving the microscope stage or the DUT stage, the S-1160’s smooth X-Y-Z motion control is unrivaled. The singular, steel platen provides a stable platform for up to 12 Signatone micropositioners. The platen quick lift handle is ergonomically placed for quick up-down motion of the platen moving your probe tips out of contact on your DUT; this allows for quick X-Y positioning of the DUT stage and DUT loading and unloading. The platen fine adjustment knob gives users 5 micron resolution for fine Z adjustments for all of their probes simultaneously and allows users the height adjustments that they need for a variety of device sizes and shapes up to 1.35 inches in thickness.

The S-1160’s DUT stage provides smooth, accurate X-Y-Z transitioning and has vacuum zones that will hold a variety of DUT sizes. The S-1160 is available with a 4", 6" and 8" chucks and is easily upgraded on site when needed.

The S-1160 is available with many options allowing for pA and fA measurement ranges accommodating both COAXIAL and TRIAXIAL configurations. Whether you are using a probe card or our COAXIAL or TRIAXIAL probes the S-1160 is easily equipped to meet your test parameters.

PSDB-1160: Probe Station Dark Box, light tight, electrically shielded enclosure
A-6XG / A-8XG: Ambient TRIAXIAL Chuck options for 6" and 8" chuck replacements for < 30fA measurements
FS-160: Fine Stage for D.U.T stage provides 0.5" X-Y motion with 1 micron resolution
S-1060 / S-1070: Hot Chuck controllers for use with 4", 6" and 8" hot chucks (TRX hot chucks are also available)

Width: 27 inches
Depth: 22 inches
Height: 19.5-22 inches (with microscope)
Shipping Weight: 125 pounds

The S-1160 is a manual probe station upgradable from 4” to 6” and 8” with many configuration options for high quality probing at low end prices.

*ask about our WL-1160 RF probe station series

S-1160 Series - Click to download as PDF with text
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